I have had the pleasure of working with Julia Farrell for more than fifteen years. She has provided the highest quality editing of many kinds of publications, ensuring every document was perfectly polished. I have greatly valued her professionalism, timeliness and diligence.

Professor Sharon Pickering

and President
Monash University

As Editorial Manager in the Major Procurement Program Office, Department of Justice, I worked closely with Julia for several years. Julia is a strong editor with a great eye for detail, and extensive experience in the Victorian Public Service in the areas of project and program management, procurement and executive briefing. Since then, I have recommended Julia to many public service and agency colleagues seeking editorial services.

Innes Dobell
Former Editorial Manager
Department of Justice

Julia and I have been on at least five book journeys together and I just keep coming back. As well as her sharp editing, Julia makes things so simple by taking on all the liaison with publishers over the delivery of manuscripts. I have found her to be flexible, totally reliable and excellent value for money which makes her an indispensable member of any writing team.

Professor Leanne Weber

Canberra Law School
University of Canberra

Julia Farrell is an exceptional editor. I recommend her to everyone including academics, writers and PhD students. Julia is always the preferred editor for all of my work. This ranges from academic monographs to government reports. At every stage Julia communicates clearly and professionally regarding expectations, timeframes and the delivery of work. Her attention to detail and her care and craft are outstanding. I have been working with Julia for over a decade, her work is exemplary.

Professor Marie Segrave

ARC Future Fellow & Professor of Criminology
School of Political and Social Inquiry
University of Melbourne

Julia Farrell has worked on several Monash University Publishing books. Each time we’ve been very impressed with and appreciative of her editing work, as have the authors. She’s rigorous, thorough, respectful of authorial voice, and great at working within and building on house style. Her grammar is excellent, and she’s great at communication with publisher and authors alike. She is an excellent non-fiction editor.

Joanne Mullins

Publishing Coordinator
Monash University Publishing

Julia is a fantastic copy editor who I have used many times over the last fifteen years. She has greatly improved the quality of my writing and always makes suggestions in an open, kind and informed way without ego or unexamined assumptions. She advises on grammar, structure, referencing and language choice. I always recommend academics and PhD students use Julia for copy editing and she is deservedly famous in thesis-land! Highly, highly recommend.

Professor Alison Gerard

Professor in Law/Criminology
Canberra Law School
University of Canberra

Thank you for everything you did for my PhD thesis, I am truly grateful for your guidance and skills. Your support not only helped me navigate the pressures of a PhD, but you also patiently endured all my anxiety and chaos. Thanks to your expertise, I achieved a wonderful outcome of 2.2 for my PhD and gained a new friend in the academic space. Julia, thank you so much – you are my one and ONLY copy-editor!

April Murphy

PhD candidate
Deakin University

I have been lucky to access Julia’s copyediting service for more than 10 years and I have always been so happy with the results. She has copyedited my books, journal articles, book chapters, submissions to parliamentary inquiries, grant applications and also more confidential material (such as promotion case). Her copyediting skills undoubtedly help bring my academic work to the next level. Her attention to detail rivals no one, and I am always in awe of the tiny little points she can pick up and improve (including in the academic referencing system). I am indebted to Julia for all the time and attention she has given to my work and I strongly recommend her.  

Professor Marinella Marmo

College of Business
Government and Law
Flinders University

Julia’s work in preparing the index for my monograph and copy-editing some chapters of a book I edited pre-submission was invaluable. Julia’s work was always very careful and thorough and delivered on time. Julia was wonderful to work with, always friendly and professional and I was impressed at the range of her skills and her capacity to engage with such a breadth of different specialised material from different academic disciplines. 

Dr Julia Dehm

Senior Lecturer
La Trobe University Law School

Julia is the best editor I’ve known so far not only because of the quality of her work but also her professional working style. She dedicated a lot of time to improving my PhD thesis which was written by a person using English as a second language. My thesis was passed without any comments about grammatical/referencing errors. In addition, she gave me a lot of suggestions on using better words as well as sentence structures in my paper. She helped me to produce a thesis that was polished and persuasive. Moreover, she was very reliable and flexible with timelines, even with some sudden changes and delays in my PhD project. I was pleased to work with and communicate with her and I do not doubt that she is on the first of the list of editors who I will contact when I need to edit my important papers in the future.

Dr Duc Huy Phan

Teaching associate/academic staff
Faculty of Arts, Monash University

During my tenure at RMIT University, I had the pleasure of working with Julia as an external editor and proofreader. Her efficiency and reliability were unmatched, consistently delivering high-quality work that greatly enhanced our projects.

Dr Chin Eang Ong

Senior Lecturer
Liverpool Business School
Liverpool John Moores University

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